focuses on the startup stage at a point when you have your product at least in beta and your priority is to expand your customer base and optimize conversions. Here you will be able to continue developing your sale strategy, increase your lead generation (inbound and outbound marketing) and refine your revenue (business) model. You will focus your efforts on understanding your competition, developing your channels, strengthening your comparative advantage, exploring and building partnerships, testing revenue models, building team and operations. At this stage, you will also deepen your financials and make forecasts prospecting further investments if and when needed.

KICK II is a 8-week intense pre-acceleration

accessible online through our LMS interactive platform “IHB Launchpad”. On the platform, you will access the blogs, webinars, classwork, decks and forum where the IHB team and mentors follow your progress, answer to your questions online and post resources and news. You will be able to meet all of the other participants from Serbia and peers from abroad. At the same time, you will be able to participate to our online & offline events, consultations and mentoring sessions that we organize at the Impact Hub Belgrade weekly. However, if you are not in Belgrade or cannot make it in time, don’t worry, everything we do is streamed live and recorded so you can participate from wherever you are either in real-time or whenever it is convenient for you.


Access to LMS platform with repository of decks, tutorials, resources, forums, peers, mentors Access to IHB tailored consultations and mentoring online & offline Access to our networks of mentors, experts and impact investors both from Serbia and abroad (Spring-startup school from Vancouver; Impact Hub global network; etc) Access to 3-month connect membership at Impact Hub Belgrade (more info here)


The curriculum is composed of:

- decks with all the materials covered during the 8 weeks;

- video-recordings/tutorials of all the live-sessions covering the content and material (one per week for four weeks);

- 4 Master-classes on key topics (conversions, team, finances, pipeline)

- 8 recorded testimonials of startups and entrepreneurs from Serbia sharing with you their know-how and practical lessons learned

- tools and resources

- weekly homework

- short-term KPIs as a tracking tool

- 2-hour consulting weekly

- Ask-what-you-need mentoring event weekly

- 1 workbench - mini-masterclass at the IHB weekly

Estimated time per week: 6/8 hrs


Optimizing your pipeline

  • Establishing KPIs and targets
  • Benchmarking
  • Where is your traffic coming from and who are you taking it from/
  • Assembling Traffic, lead generation, engagement conversion and retention
  • Competition identification and analysis


Inbound and Outbound Marketing

  • How big is your market
  • Online and offline word-of-mouth
  • Digital marketing tools and social media relevant for your startup
  • Outbound marketing tools and analyics
  • Integrating the metrics, KPIs and tools into your strategy


Executing the Growth machine

  • Growth hacking in practice
  • Focusing on engagement and retention
  • Content creation
  • Where are you standing in comparison to your competition?
  • Are people, processes and results aligned?



  • Sale analytics (conversion, life-cycle, qualifiying leads…)
  • Outbound sales, cold calling & emailing
  • Scripts and tiimeline
  • Indicators and KPIs


Processes and sale execution

  • Sale processes
  • Optimization resources
  • Shortening the life-cycle
  • Assessment of tem capacities and leaks
  • Partners for sales



  • Team capacities
  • The growth-mindset
  • Cultivating an entrepreneurial culture in the team
  • Management tools - tasking and result-oriented achievements
  • Accelerating the learning loop
  • KPIs


365 Finances

  • Cash-flow
  • Costs and revenues
  • Forecast
  • Are revenues scalable?


A look at your Business Model (Canvas)

  • Putting everything together
  • What needs to be tested from now on?
  • What is your growth model?
  • Targets and KPIs



SPRING Startup school from Vancouver, Canada