focuses on the startup stage focused on first customer acquisition, at a point when you have been talking to friends, family, surveyed some prospects and built a prototype. Here you will be able to continue testing your hypothesis to refine your VP, your test/MVP and get to your first sales. You will focus your efforts on profiling your ideal customers/users; build/develop a community (online & offline) of those who believe in the values and solutions you are creating; target and convert your leads; establish a learning machine that allows you to constantly better understand the growing needs of your target market; plan a launch strategy.

KICK I is a 4-week intense pre-acceleration

accessible online through our LMS interactive platform “IHB Launchpad”. Here you will access the blogs, webinars, classwork, decks and forum where the IHB team and mentors follow your progress, answer to your questions online and post resources and news. You will be able to meet all of the other participants from Serbia and peers from abroad. At the same time, you will be able to participate to our online & offline events, consultations and mentoring sessions that we organize at the Impact Hub Belgrade weekly. However, if you are not in Belgrade or cannot make it in time, don’t worry, everything we do is streamed live and recorded so you can participate from wherever you are either in real-time or whenever it is convenient for you.


Access to LMS platform with repository of resources, forums, peers, mentor Access to IHB tailored consultations and mentoring online & offline Access to our networks of mentors, experts and impact investors both from Serbia and abroad (Spring-startup school from Vancouver; Impact Hub global network; etc) Access to 3-month connect membership at Impact Hub Belgrade (more info here)


The curriculum is composed of:

-decks with all the materials covered during the 4 weeks;

-video-recordings of all the live-sessions covering the content and material (one per week for four weeks);

-4 recorded testimonials of startups and entrepreneurs from Serbia sharing with you their know-how and practical lessons learned

- tools and resources

- weekly homework

- short-term KPIs as a tracking tool

- 2-hour consulting weekly

- Ask-what-you-need mentoring event weekly

- 1 workbench - mini-masterclass at the IHB weekly

Estimated time per week: 6hrs


Ideal Buyer Personas

  • Interviews
  • Profiling
  • Online and offline customer behavior
  • UX design and maps
  • Channels of online&offline ccommunication


Customer Journey

  • The decision making process
  • The constant process of data collection
  • How long does it take for them to convert and why
  • Designing journeys for better conversions
  • Execution - putting it all together


Building Marketing Pipeline

  • Targeting & ABTesting
  • Community Building (oline and ooffline)
  • B2B marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Qualifying leads
  • Offline Channels


The Marketing and Sale PIPELINE

  • Cold, warm and Hot leads
  • Sale techniques and tools
  • B2B sales techniques
  • How to track the pipeline
  • Conversions



SPRING Startup school from Vancouver, Canada