What is LAUNCHPAD - Accelerating Venture Growth

Launchpad - Accelerating Venture Growth is about the business support, leadership development and global connectivity you as entrepreneurs need to grow to scale your enterprise.

Why is LAUNCHPAD Different

Launchpad is about what you as an entrepreneur need on your way to scale your venture accross borders. Impact Hub Belgrade implements Launchpad in partnership with Spring start-up school from Vancouver, Canada focusing on the vacuum between product-validation and investment-readiness. Blending customized individual support with master-classes and peer-learning; matching you with local and international mentors and experts; forging prospect cross-border partnerships, the Launchpad builds your business practices, opportunities and sophisticated networks of resources to support you in achieving the scale you designed.

Launchpad is for entrepreneurs from different industries because whether they are people or tech-centric, they still need to understand their customers, markets and find a path to sustainable and scalable revenues.

What We Can Do For You?

Launchpad takes you from product-market-fit to scale through:

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KICK is online and offline acceleration support accompanying you through the start-up journey. It takes you through the the seed stage from your first customers to stable revenue streams. KICK focuses on three phases: validation of your product/service on the market; customer development and business model validation; optimization of processes and development of profit.

Venture Growth acceleration: 6 months of intense hands-on work to optimize operations in finances, marketing, sales, grow leadership and an organizational structure to sustain your scaling. It is for teams and enterprises moving from business model to growth of revenues and taking their venture to international scale through investment-readiness

RECAP - Regional Capital Market Conference is designed and realized for the first time on May 22-23 to redress the seed investment gap in Serbia by creating facilitated opportunities connecting investors and entrepreneurs from Serbia and abroad in trust-based relationships.

So far, 70 entrepreneurs and 10 scaling enterprises accelerated their development through Kick and Venture Growth


In our experience we find that it is challenging to turn models into practice, especially in our emerging entrepreneurial ecosystem where entrepreneurs are pioneers. So, we draw from our own practices and those of local and international scaling entrepreneurs and we "hack" these examples to support you in adapting them to your situation. To do so, we work with you individually and we match you with peers, mentors, potential partners locally and internationally.

What we believe?

For-profit enterprises generate the most sustainable positive change by growing impact and scaling business
We believe that when entrepreneurs are the strongest engine to solve local and global challenges when they:
  • are empowered through a boundless community of practice
  • refine their skills, competence and leadership
  • increase their access to networks of resources

We believe that cross-pollination, openness, transparency, collaboration and a philosophy of sharing and possibility lead to successful ventures bringing forth meaningful and ethical solutions

Meet the team

We are eclectic founders, trans-national business practitioners and diverse business developers; we are driven to fill the gaps between business models and operations to boost entrepreneurial practices and achieve excellence in execution. We bring viral energy to what we do - believing that the world can be better with the power of entrepreneurship

Pavla Krivokuca

Portfolio Manager

Nenad Moslavac

Portfolio Manager

Gaia Montelatici

Portfolio Manager


Aleksa Jotic

Entrepreneur & Salesman

Biljana Stefanovic

Coaching and leadership development

Darko Vidic

founder and CEO @GreenDesign.rs Founder Chief Editor @Carz.rs

Dusan Zuza

Commercial relationships; investments; operations; corporate culture

Dusanka Ilic

Online community building' dig marketing; business modeling

Ivan Pribanic

Business Development Manager at TMS CEE d.o.o.

Keith Ippel

Luka Prisunjak

Ecosystem facilitator

Michael Gassner

360 financial planning and operation optimization

Nenad Lazarevic

Sales and dig marketing and outbound sales

Paul Bell

Post conflict programming expert trainer and mentor for various private and public sector

Ryan Ottman

Lawyer; legal issues for investments; negotiation’s; legal issues for scaling organizations

Vladimir Nikolic

Limunodo, e-commerce, entrepreneurial attitude and business modelling

Vuk Gubernic

CEO in CarGo Entrepreneur, startupper

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